November 25, 2009

Couple of Photos from Ronna’s Class

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:03 am by LindaG

As Judy mentioned, we traveled down to Bellevue to take Beads and Disks class with Ronna Sarvas WelthamHer book is the latest craze as many people enjoy her superb sense of color combined with a simplistic approach to claying. 

I found her teaching style to be less project oriented than I prefer – especially when it was geared for beginners.  She shares lots of information and references everything by saying it is detailed in her book but I can’t help but wonder that someone new to clay might be overwhelmed with so much information and might appreciate more directed playtime and practise with the clay. 

I’m curious as to what our readers prefer – a class that shows lots of technique but you don’t really make any one item or a class that walks you through making a project that you take home with you?  Share your thoughts – we’d love to hear them. 

Here’s a shot of VanTrio with Ronna at the end of a long but fun day.

Judy, Ronna, Linda and Eugenia


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