January 6, 2010

It’s a New Year!

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Fireworks over English Bay

Happy 2010 to everyone! 

I hope that you all had a happy holiday season and a chance to celebrate the New Year.  Eugenia, Judy and I want to thank all of you who have expressed interest in, and supported our growing business of teaching jewelry classes during the past year.

2009 ended a whirlwind of activity for us and that is, in large part, thanks to all your generous support and enthusiasm.

We are constantly adjusting our class schedules and in response to the number of people who have asked for classes in Richmond, we now have a central location to host our classes this session.

Use the “Jan-Feb 2010” link at the right to see upcoming classes.  We are teaching in more locations which will hopefully give broader access and reduce transportation issues.

We are also in a week-long craft fair during the Olympics which is exciting.  It’s being held in Gastown in the newly renovated district by London Drugs and Nestors Food Market.  Check out our Events page for dates and location.

We are also trying to simplify registration by asking you to simply email the class instructor that you are attending.  Prepayment won’t be required any longer unless you want to.  Simply bring your chequebook (or cash) to the class.  Credit card is an option also and will be processed the next day.

Look forward to seeing you at a class or event! – Linda


January 2, 2010

What’s up in 2010

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Happy New Year Everyone: I hope you all had a wonderful time over the Christmas and New Years season with family and friends or curled up with your pasta roller making very cool things.

I have just spent the last few days playing on the internet as I have deprived of this wonderful pastime while I was entertaining my son from the east. It seems creativity is at an alltime high.

What are your plans for the next year. Do you have any learning goals or new types of skills that you want to learn. I am working on narrowing down my interests. I promise this year I will put more pictures in the blogs. Be happy and keep learning…..

December 10, 2009

VanTrio Gets Some “Press”

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Eco-Chic is an online site that  “takes a look at Food, Fashion and Fun where style and sustainability go hand in hand“.   They show you a multitude of ways to enjoy yourself while being kind to our planet at the same time – what’s not to love about that!

Purse Hangers and More at Eugenia's Table at Craft Fair in Gastown

Their roving reporter stopped by our booth at Portobello at the end of November and immediately fell in love with Eugenia’s collapsible purse hangers.  We were showing these at Storeum Craft Fair in Gastown as well.

We’re thrilled to see the resulting write-up about us – click here to read the article. 

Interested in viewing or purchasing these collapsible purse hangers?  Email Eugenia  (eugeniachan@shaw.ca)  and she can help you.

November 28, 2009

Off to Market We Go

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Donut Pendant in Linda's "Denim" line

This is one of Linda’s designs made for the craft fairs.  Eugenia and Judy have been crafting up a storm also.

We are at Portobello today and tomorrow (Nov 28 & 29), and again on Dec 12 & 13, with a stop at the Storeium in Gastown on Dec 4, 5 and 6. 

Here’s a link on Portabello, what’s there and where to find it: 

And one for the Cana-made Craft Fair in Gastown.  If you print the flyer and bring it with you, you’ll get “2 for the price of 1” entry:

November 25, 2009

Couple of Photos from Ronna’s Class

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As Judy mentioned, we traveled down to Bellevue to take Beads and Disks class with Ronna Sarvas WelthamHer book is the latest craze as many people enjoy her superb sense of color combined with a simplistic approach to claying. 

I found her teaching style to be less project oriented than I prefer – especially when it was geared for beginners.  She shares lots of information and references everything by saying it is detailed in her book but I can’t help but wonder that someone new to clay might be overwhelmed with so much information and might appreciate more directed playtime and practise with the clay. 

I’m curious as to what our readers prefer – a class that shows lots of technique but you don’t really make any one item or a class that walks you through making a project that you take home with you?  Share your thoughts – we’d love to hear them. 

Here’s a shot of VanTrio with Ronna at the end of a long but fun day.

Judy, Ronna, Linda and Eugenia

November 18, 2009

Road Trip to play with Ronna Sarvas Weltman

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Vantrio rides again. The three of us took to the story roads on Monday to sharpen up our polymer clay skills with Ronna. We naturally had a great time in the workshop, shopping and of course eating. What would a vantio road trip be without all three. I am not sure if you have had a chance to see Ronna’s newest book out called Ancient Modern but it is well worth picking up. Eugenia and I were immediately drawn to Ronna’s work and Linda has developed an solid interest over time.  Ronna’s workshop was based on this book and we picked up some great tips on how she makes her unique designs.  Eugenia made the necklace on the front as soon as we got the books (released in August  I believe) and it looked so great. I then had to try my hand at the same creation. I loved it but in closer inspection realized I had made it so big. The beads were huge. When I put it on my head looked very small, which is not a good look for me.   Note to self; keep the beads small. Anyway, I am spending the next few days practicing some of the techniques. As I mentioned in my last blog that Ronna is a face book pal and today she posted a great link I would like to share with you about about the origins of polymer clay.  I have had a quick look at the link and it is well worth a peek.  http://polymerartarchive.com/ Enjoy for now  I am going to try to put some pictures on the site ,

November 14, 2009

Here is a great blog to watch for those who like to bend metal.

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Sharilyn Miller has been putting out books like crazy lately. As you know our Eugenia has had some of her training with this gal and has had two of her pieces of jewelry featured in Sharilyn’s most recent book. If you have a look on blog she has another book coming out and an e-book. Guess what? You can already make all that stuff. I love it when I can look at someone else’s great ideas and then add my own flair. Yippee. Judy http://www.sharilynmiller.com

November 13, 2009

Social Networking and Art

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I have been having a blast lately by adding various artists and companies to my face book connections. Do you have face book? It is such a great way to stay connected not only to our friends but also to our crafts. For example,  Rio Grande is on  face book and they send out great videos and product updates on a regular basis. This is so helpful.  I also just joined the face book connections of Ronna Sarvas Weltman, who I will have the pleasure of taking a class with next week. This is such a great way to get up to date information  and videos on areas that are of great interest to all of us.

I have promised to add more information to the blog as I am always telling Linda and Eugenia about videos I have been watching on You Tube and great info I get from the Rio Grande face book updates. So I promise to spend more time sharing all the fun I have hanging out on the internet. What did I ever do before the INTERNET. It’s just too scary to think about it.

October 10, 2009

What a busy Fall!

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The good part of being busy is it means lots is going well and there is much interest in what you do.  The bad part of being busy means that you don’t edit your blog very often.  Sheesh!

September was a very busy month for us.  Here’s a little of what was going on:

Sharilyn Miller's book

Sherilyn Miller’s latest book came out and our very own Ms. Eugenia was featured with two of her creations inside.  It was very exciting for all of us to see.

Even more exciting was seeing Eugenia sell autographed copies of the book – what a wonderful recognition of her talent.

Now I am fired up to start organizing Eugenia’s very own book!  I think she has more than enough talent to fill a project book – don’t you think?  Let us hear your thoughts.

Speaking of books, Judy was very hard at work for the entire month writing her own chapter in a book soon to be published.  Her work will be included with the likes of Dr. Stephen Covey (The Seven Highly Effective Habits . . . . yes, that Stephen Covey!).  The book has a working title of GPS for Success and Judy has writtten a wonderful chapter on setting and acomplishing goals.  Keep a look out for it in the new year.

Matched Set of Accessories
Matched Set of Accessories


continues to invite us to present and sell our work at this highly fashionable and unique craft market.  Located in the Rocky Mountain Terminal Building close to Clark and Terminal Avenue, we are seeing lots of people starting their Christmas shopping. 

Be sure to stop by – we have lots of interesting items like our purse hooks and polymer covered pens that would make unique gifts and great stocking stuffers. 
Information on Portobello is at:  http://vancouver.portobellowest.com

Teaching in Ladner!

Teaching in Ladner!

 More exciting news is that we will now be teaching our Wire Wrap and Polymer Clay classes in Ladner

This will greatly please the people who want to take classes with Eugenia but don’t want to make the long trek out to Deep Cove. 

The Upstart Crow, a beading and craft store in historic downtown Ladner, is going to host our classes.  Visit the Crow’s website at www.upstartcrow.ca to see the schedule and to register.

Pendants by Julie Picarello

Pendants by Julie Picarello

And last but not least, Linda started teaching her Introduction to Polymer Clay and is busy getting as many people as she can, addicted to her favorite passion – playing with clay. 

The versatility of the clay, to mix and match with other beads, and especially when combined with Eugenia-style wire wrapping – is really irresistable. 

Starting people off with a good foundation of the basic skills has been a lot of fun. 

With international stars such as Julie Picarello coming to Linda’s house in November, it will be a great time to share with everyone.

And now, we are well into October and you can find us at the Fraser Valley Bead Show. 

Three days of sharing the joy of beading with as many people as possible. 

Come out and see the great selection of beads, sign up for classes to improve your skills and look at all the dazzling eye-candy. 

Here is the link for the show, times and admission cost – hope to see you there!  http://www.fraservalleybeadshow.ca

August 31, 2009

Polymer Clay at Portabello

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She also got real busy making 'secret compartment' keychains

She also got real busy making 'secret compartment' keychains

June, July and August had us at Portabello, the high-end fashion & craft market, displaying and selling Eugenia’s beautiful wire wrapped jewellry.

Starting in September, we will have a table there filled with our latest craze: polymer clay. Linda’s been into polymer clay for a couple of years and got both Eugenia and Judy interested in this versatile craft.

After our trip to Northern California to study with artist Julie Picarello, we really started creating a lot of items and realized they would make great items for Christmas, small gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.

Here’s a sample of our table at yesterday’s Portabello market:
Eugenia and Judy made some beautiful pens

Eugenia went crazy making purse holders!DSCN2321-s

She also got real busy making ‘secret compartment’ keychains

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