Classes & Workshops

Our Spring Schedule classes from March to the beginning of June, can be viewed here.

We currently teach at the following 4 locations:

#1: Linda’s House – located in Deep Cove, on the North Shore
Address: 947 Huntingdon Crescent, North Vancouver
Phone: 604.987.7794   Click here to download map & directions

#2: The Upstart Crow – historic downtown Ladner
Address: 5064 – 48th Ave, V4KI 1V8
Phone: 604.940.1155

#3:  Richmond – Carmel Place
Address:  7580 Minoru Blvd.   This is a multi-unit complex and we will be using the “Clubhouse” room to hold our classes.  Call Eugenia for details:  604.303.7448

#4:  Abbotsford – Strung Out on Beads
Address:  33735 Essendene Ave, Abbotsford
Phone:  604.852.8677

We also offer “Onsite Classes”
If you would like to have us come to you, then put together a group of 8 or 10 people, a suitable location and we’ll be glad to come to you.  If applicable, there could be an additional charge for lodging and transportation.  Call Linda at 604.987.7794 to organize these types of events.

If you have questions, please email Linda  ( ).



  1. Pennie Boyd said,

    I will so be at the polymer clay class with Linda and I am going to check out the market this month.

    • LindaG said,

      Hey there Pennie, great to know I’ll see you later on. It will be a fun class. Cheers! -Linda

  2. Nettonya said,

    Hi, Linda, Eugenia, Judy!

    I FINISHED my puzzle bracelet last evening!

    When I take the time to photograph it and the fibulae I made in the Wednesday class, I will send them to you.

    Judy, I LOVE the darker-colored pearls I used. Thanks for bringing them on Sunday!

    Linda, as ever the consummate hostess.

    Eugenia, gentle, loving, encouraging instruction.

    Thanks to all.

    • LindaG said,

      Congratulations Nettonya!! Look forward to seeing photos – I am thrilled for you.

  3. Emilie said,

    Looking forward to haveing a class with you, but I have been looking for the pictures of the classes being held, don’t see any, where on the site , would I find it. Thank you Cheers Emilie

    • Anonymous said,

      Hi Emilie,

      Thanks for not only your comment but your enthusiam and interest in our classes. I know that you’ve been trying to register for a class for some time now and I deeply appreciate your continuted interest.

      I didn’t post a picture of each class project as we turned much of the discussion about each class over to the instructor as well as the stores. As it changes so often, it is easier to have the specific instructor/store decide what is being taught for each specific class.

      If you are interested in the polymer clay class, let me know and I’ll send you some pictures. If you are interested in Eugenia’s wire wrapping classes, send her an email ( and ask which projects she is teaching and she can send you pictures.

      I hope that helps. Thanks Emilie,

      • Emilie said,

        Thank you for the info, two of us want a class with eugina, I have tried to email her, I think my emails are not going through, can you please send my prievious message to her.
        Thank you and have a great day. Cheers Emilie

  4. Gail B. said,

    I’m holding out for the cuff class. Any plans for having one this spring?

    • Anonymous said,

      Hi Gail,

      Thank you for your patience for the long awaited Cuff Class. We don’t have any dates scheduled past the two shows in March. But as SOON as I know, I will personally email you – promise!

  5. Debé said,

    Hi again.

    I’d really like to take the Puzzle Bracelet class with Eugenia. Please let me know when and where the next class is. You did mention sometime in March but I can’t seem to find any info under March classes yet. (I can only imagine you are all very busy getting ready for the Bead shows).


    • LindaG said,

      Hi Debe,
      It’s is finally scheduled – on Sunday, March 21st. Hope you can make that one! Linda

  6. Dorothy Marchant said,

    Would love to find out when you will be haaving any jewellery cllasses in Richmond or Ladner in the near future.

    Thanks Eugenia

    Dorothy (604) 274-8567

  7. Jenny said,

    I’m waiting for the new schedule, especially for the class ‘WIRE WRAPPING ESSENTIALS – PART 1’ in Richmond.
    Do any of you know when the new schedule will be available?
    Looking forward to having that class, building my foundation and being able to attend the advanced ones.
    Thanks so much to everyone, looks like you have a great combination of classes.. love them all.


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