Judy Mackenzie

Our gal Judy

Filled with a remarkable talent for design and balance as well as a relentless sense of curiosity that takes her into many mediums, Judy is the “bling” of  the VanTrio group. 

Using a rich variety of resources, Judy brings together precious and semi-precious gems, stones and wires to create jewelry that dazzles and captivates the senses.  


Vintaj bracelet with Unicorne Beads

Appropriately named Blingdom, her jewelry site showcases many of her lovely creations. 

Judy works in semi precious stones, sterling silver, gold filled and pearls as well as polymer clay.


Never one to sit still for long, Judy is also the Western Canadian distributor for the exotic and lush fair-trade Kazuri beads from Kenya.  Often seen at the bead shows around town, her online site Empress Beads features a huge collection of these gorgeous beads and are often prominently featured in Eugenia Chan’s stunning wire work. 

Someone's Basket of Beads

Judy’s full selection of Kazuri beads are housed at Linda’s home on the North Shore and can be viewed by appointment.  Otherwise shop for them online (www.empressbeads.ca) and they’ll be shipped to you. 

Also skilled in silversmith, pearl stringing, metal clay, and a number of other mediums – Judy is also expressing herself creatively with polymer clay.  Keep a lookout for her funky and captivating designs.


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