Eugenia Chan

Eugenia taking care of business - Craft Fair in Gastown

A compact powerhouse of creativity and talent, Eugenia is quickly developing a name for herself in the Lower Mainland as a gifted artist and designer of high-end wire wrapped jewelry.

Studying under the likes of Sharilyn Miller and Connie Fox, Eugenia has taken what they taught her and infused it with her own, richly distinctive style that completely captivates people.

Her passion for this medium goes far beyond simply creating beautiful works.  Finding deep pleasure and satisfaction in teaching these skills to others, most weekends Eugenia can be found standing at the front of a room full of excited students, wielding pliers and cutters and occasionally mentioning “sure, it’s easy!” <smile>

Working closely with Linda Gross, the two have created a series of workshops and classes that have students raving about the depth of skills and knowledge they learn in a one day course.

To see some of Eugenia’s beautiful work, visit her online gallery.  She has recently branched out into working with Polymer Clay and her explorations in color and design can be found under the “Accessories” category on the main page.

Upcoming classes and workshop can be viewing on this site, under the link “Classes and Events”.



  1. Emilie said,

    Hi Eugenia, Happy New Yr.

    I would love to take your class, But I don’t know if I want part I or part II, can you send me a pic of what we are going to learn, I looked over the site , couldn’t find pictures of what clases are being schedule
    Thank you Cheers Emilie
    Also what ‘s on for Feb. 27th

  2. Debé said,

    I am hoping you will be teaching the mystic coil bracelet this March/April.

  3. Megan Parks said,

    Hi Eugina: Would love to take one of your wire working classed, but I cannot seem to get them to come up on line…If I could phone you with my fax number, and plug my fax in at a certain time, could you fax me the class list.
    Or, just give me the time,date and location of what you feel would be the most appropiate class for me bases on skill level.
    Hope you can help,

  4. saymber said,

    I started wire bending “cold” out of my passion for bling and not being able to afford commercial stuff — plus the stuff in stores is overpriced and chinzy compared to years past. Precious metals have just become so expensive that there is more “plating” going on. Camille Sharon has some great Utube videos to make gemstone wire trees and tree of life pendants. Been making those. Not many wire benders here on WordPress.

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